Brightwater State School “Look Out Program” a Huge Success

Brightwater State School has recently implemented the “Look Out! There are children about” safety program into their school pick up routine and by all accounts, it’s going great!!

The Acting Principal of Brightwater State School, Amanda White stated, “I feel sure every parent who uses the car park on Dianella Drive of an afternoon will have noticed a vast improvement in the flow of traffic. This is due to the implementation of the ‘Look Out Program’ in Week 1 of this term. I would like to thank all participating parents for your co-operation and encourage any parents who have not yet registered to use the “Look Out” Stop Drop and Go Zone to request a registration form from the office. We are focused on ensuring every child is able to leave school in a safe manner and have outlined a number of ways you and your child can assist with this when participating in our Look Out program”.

Important Safety Tips:

  • As students are loaded into the first 3 cars we ask that these cars leave the zone in the same order not overtaking.
  • Students are only loaded into the first 3 cars in the line.
  • Students are ready with their bags and other equipment to get in the car quickly, yet safely.
  • Remind your children to only approach your car when it is at a complete stop.
  • Display your name card in a prominent position, experience tells us that the front passenger seat visor is best, many parents are choosing to leave the cards in this position and simply lower the visor at pick up time.

“Thank you for working with us to ensure the success of this program. Working together we can manage the Stop, Drop and Go zone at the front of the school thereby ensuring children are safe and traffic congestion is reduced”.

Author Credit- Amanda White, Acting Principal, Brightwater State School




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